Marco Vezzoso on trumpet and Alessandro Collina on piano are two very talented
musicians and rare expressive qualities, which blend jazz with classical music.
Since their first musical meeting in 2014, the duo has come a long way. They have 4
albums, numerous concerts between France and Italy and several international
In 2015 the first tour in Japan where the live in Osaka was recorded and published
by the Japanese label DaVinci. Nel 2017 un lungo tour estivo li porta ad esibirsi tra
Cambogia, Indonesia e nuovamente in Giappone con un concerto di chiusura a
Tokyo. Nel 2018 nuovo tour in Indonesia e Malesia e una serie di concerti in
Repubblica Ceca.
Also in 2018, they formed a partnership with the brand Spirit Torino (producer of hiend
headphone of the highest quality) of which they have become ambassadors in
the world. From this collaboration a tour was born in China in the spring of 2019 and a second in October.

The duo ranges from an original repertoire (written by the trumpet player), great
classics of Italian music (taken from Guarda che Luna … Again) and standards of the
jazz tradition.
Marco Vezzoso says: “When you play in a duo you put your music at the service,
there is no hierarchy but only a simple balance and sophisticated at the same time.”
The interplay and the chemistry between the two musicians, creates an intense
musical continuum with a strong emotional impact, which guides the audience on a musical journey within the universe of the duo.

  • Marco Vezzoso – trumpet and flugelhorn
  • Alessandro Collina – piano and rhodes