Thelonious – The loud pearl is a jazz-narrative concert, conceived and realized by Marco Vezzoso with the collaboration of the writer Giannino Balbis, inspired by the life and works of the great American pianist Thelonious Monk.
The project proposes ten pieces considered as the most representative of his immense repertoire; they alternate and intertwine texts written by Balbis that retrace the most significant phases and events of Monk’s existence. Defined as one of the most brilliant jazz musicians of the twentieth century, what will remain forever of Thelonious Monk is the ingenuity and originality of his music, to which they owe something, some more, some less, all contemporary jazz player; a music considered capable of “changing the life of the listener”, endowed with great innovative power and persuasive evolutionary meekness.


  • Marco Vezzoso – trumpet and flugelhorn
  • Alessandro Collina – piano
  • Giannino Balbis –  narrating voice