Marco Vezzoso – trumpet and flugelhorn

Alessandro Collina – piano

Fabrice Bistoni – double bass

Andrea Marchesini –drums

Marc Duret – narrating voice


14.07 Du Côté de l’Artis a jazz and poetic concert, conceived by Marco Vezzoso with the collaboration of Giannino Balbis (poet), inspired by the tragic attack in Nice on 14 July 2016.

The pieces, composed for the occasion by Vezzoso, alternate and intertwine with three poetic texts by Balbis, to form a literary-musical continuum of absolute originality and extraordinary emotional impact: a response du coté de dell’arte, that is, from the of art, to the tragedy of terrorism that bloody Europe.

The three poetic texts – Promenade des Anglais, Promenade de sang, Promenade des Sans-guerre – are respectively dedicated to:

1) Nice before the attack, that is the “soul”, the history, the beauty of a typical multi-ethnic Mediterranean city; 2) the drama of the attack, from the point of view of those who, like Marco Vezzoso, lived it in direct and in the first person; 3) Nice after the attack, that is, art and beauty as universal antidotes to violence (Sans-guerre are the artists who abhor war).