In June 2014 the first album as leader of the trumpeter Marco Vezzoso was released. “Jazz à Porter”, an album with all original compositions signed by the trumpeter for MAP. The song STAY IN CAMERA BI has also become the theme song for the Rai Radio 1 program “Tra Poco in Edicola”.

Jazz à Porter


Marco Vezzoso – trumpet
Alessandro Collina – piano
Marc Peillon – double bass
Rodolfo Cervetto – drums



Art In Live / Map




Tracklist CD 1

  1. Jap
  2. Lounge to nice
  3. Canone
  4. Resta in camera bi
  5. Zio funky
  6. Cullato da un mare di sonno
  7. Silver funk
  8. France change
  9. Jap jam
  10. Patty’s blues

Jazz à Porter

Album: jazz à porter