Marco Vezzoso – trumpet and flugelhorn
Alessandro Collina – piano
Andrea Marchesini – percussions

Three Italian artists have come together and merged talents to produce a live rendition of the “Italian Spirit” album.
A jazzy instrumental reinterpretation of some of the most beautiful Italian songs in the contemporary pop music scene, in a dynamic version that adds percussion to the trumpet – piano duo.

The interplay and chemistry between the musicians creates an intense musical continuum with a strong emotional impact, which guides the audience on a musical journey through italian music and worldwide contamination.

The Trio version of “Italian Spirit” came into action at the beginning of 2021, broadening horizons while arranging the Live Streaming Concert for Japan.
The original duo was joined by multifaceted drummer/percussionist Andrea Marchesini. His experiences in the USA and India, on top of his european roots, brought emotion and dynamics to the original tracks.

The trumpet underlines famous melodies, percussion spreads colour adding effects and rhythm, piano lays full-bodied harmony and counterpoint, blending and glueing the sound, ina path of sublimation of Italian music through versions accessible to all audiences.